MS-203: Microsoft 365 Messaging

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  • intermediate
  • m365
  • In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Microsoft is implementing several temporary changes to our training and certification program. Learn more.Candidates for this exam are Messaging Administrators who deploy, configure, manage, troubleshoot, and monitor recipients, permissions, mail protection, mail flow, and public folders in hybrid and cloud enterprise environments.Messaging Administrators are responsible for managing hygiene, messaging infrastructure, hybrid configuration, migration, transport, mailboxes, and client access.Messaging Administrators collaborate with the Security Administrator and Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator to implement a secure hybrid or cloud-only topology that meets the business needs of an enterprise.The Messaging Administrator should have a working knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications.

Learning paths

1 hr 41 min
Secure the Microsoft 365 Messaging environment helps you understand role-based permissions, compliance issues, and Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection.

Modules in this learning path

  • Manage role-based-permissions in Microsoft 365 Messaging
    7 Units
    34 min

    Learn about messaging role groups, admin roles, role-based access control, and how you can use eDiscovery in Exchange Online.

  • Manage message hygiene using Exchange Online and Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection
    8 Units
    23 min

    Learn how to plan, implement, and configure policies to protect your organization from malware, spam, and phishing.

  • Manage compliance in Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online
    7 Units
    44 min

    Learn how compliance works in Exchange Online. Learn how to use retention and data loss prevention policies to keep the data and communications you’re required to maintain, how to find that data and communications, and how to ensure you’re ready for an audit.

1 hr 24 min
The Plan a Microsoft 365 messaging hybrid configuration and migration learning path helps you understand hybrid messaging environments, tools and migration types, and the use and management of public folders.

Modules in this learning path

  • Plan and implement a hybrid environment
    8 Units
    33 min

    Your organization has migrated many workloads to Microsoft Azure, and you now intend to migrate to a hybrid Exchange environment. You need to consider the choices for a hybrid environment while keeping your infrastructure secure. You’ll plan the migration process to ensure that it’s as straightforward as possible.

  • Manage public folders in hybrid and cloud enterprise environments
    7 Units
    28 min

    Learn how you can continue to use public folders while your company implements a hybrid environment with Microsoft 365. In a hybrid environment, you need to make choices about where these folders should reside.

  • Plan and implement migration to Exchange Online
    6 Units
    23 min

    Plan a migration from Exchange Server on-premises and other email systems to Microsoft 365 in the cloud.

3 hr 31 min
The Manage Microsoft 365 messaging organizational settings and architecture learning path explains how to deploy, configure, manage, and monitor your Exchange Online messaging infrastructure in on-premises, hybrid, and cloud enterprise environments.

Modules in this learning path

  • Plan and manage organizational settings with Exchange Online
    8 Units
    46 min

    Plan and manage organizational settings such as global address lists, offline address books, address policies, organizational sharing, and add-ins in Exchange Online.

  • Manage recipient resources in Exchange Online
    6 Units
    38 min

    Learn how to manage different mailbox types, configure mailbox policies and permissions, and understand licensing options.

  • Deliver mail to mailboxes outside Microsoft 365 by using connectors
    5 Units
    30 min

    Learn how to use connectors in Exchange Online to route email to on-premises email systems and to secure email to partner organizations.

  • Manage mail flow in Microsoft 365 messaging
    5 Units
    24 min

    Learn how to manage mail flow rules and various types of domains in Exchange Online.

  • Troubleshoot mail flow with Exchange Online
    7 Units
    19 min

    Troubleshoot mail flow issues in Exchange Online using reports, transport logs, and validation.

  • Manage mobile devices in Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online
    6 Units
    31 min

    Learn how to manage mobile devices in Exchange Online, including mobile authentication, device access, and ActiveSync.

  • Plan and manage client access with Exchange Online
    8 Units
    23 min

    Learn how to configure clients to access associated Exchange Online mailboxes, how to troubleshoot connectivity issues, and how to connect your clients.